Not your typical fleet or fuel card, FleetCard4members is a powerful management tool designed specifically for the operational needs of small business and large fleet operators alike. Whether running a single company car or a fleet of 100, this card drives savings to your bottom line!


Discounts on all card purchases: fuel, maintenance, and repair.


Limits where you need them: at the card, driver, and/or the account.


Acceptance at over 230,000 fuel and maintenance locations.

Program Features


Powered by Voyager, Fleetcard4members is accepted at thousands of nearby fueling and repair locations in all 50 states and Puerto Rico.
Repair & Maintenance Locations
Fueling Locations

Comprehensive Program

  • Ideal solution

    Fleetcard4members is the ideal solution for organizations operating fleets of any size that need a payment and reporting solution for fueling, maintenance and service needs.

  • Administrators

    Fleet administrators fully benefit from Fleetcard4members’ controls, online account maintenance, billing reports, and informational tools.

  • Drivers

    Drivers can operate their vehicles with assurance that they have convenient access to fuel, maintenance, and related services no matter where they drive.

The Team

Fleetcard4members is a unique strategic alliance that brings together three recognized market leaders with expertise in their own respective areas and leverages that experience to create an easy to use yet sophisticated member benefit program.